Ship Repairs and Servicing

Steel Works ship repairs & servicing

Steel Works

  • Ship side steel plates renewal and tanks construction
  • Cell Gates for Container holds
  • Cargo Grabs
  • Davit Boom Fabrication 

Mechanical Works

  • Windlass shafts dismantling, renewal of bushes and re-installation of shaft.
  • Various types of coolers opening, cleaning and refitting.
  • Various types of pumps i.e. fresh water, sea water oil, hydraulic and air pump overhauling and reconditioning.
  • Boiler survey jobs.
  • Main engine and auxiliary engine overhauling.
  • Heat exchangers servicing and re-tubing.
Ship Repairing Mechanical works
Ship Repairing Services

Dry Dock

  • Overhauling of deck cranes and cargo grabs
  • Wire Renewals
  • Hatch Cover ram overhauling

Electrical Works

Rewinding of heavy motors & alternators

Electrical Works
Fire Fighting Appliances

Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA)

  • Service and maintenance of Fire Fighting equipment & systems.
  • Annual Inspection
  • Service and maintenance of Breathing air cylinders and masks 
  • Hydrostatic stretch testing and filling of breathing air (SCBA and EEBD) cylinders. 
  • Hydrostatic stretch testing and filling of carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders.
  • Hydrostatic stretch testing and filling of carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders.
  • Inspection and air pressure testing of immersion suits

Life Saving Appliances (LSA)

Annual/ 5 Yearly Inspection & Servicing

  • Life boats
  • Launching appliances
  • Load release gear.
LSA Ship Repairs & Servicing
Load testing

Load & Bollard Pull Test

  • Loose Gear Testing
  • Cargo Gear Annual Endorsement
  • Cargo Gear Load Test with Deadweights
  • Bollard Pull Test upto 200 Tons


  • Pressure Gauges and Thermometers.
  • Calibration of electrical meters.
  • Portable gas meters and fixed gas detection system
  • Oil Content meters